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A few days back, Google Play Store version 6.7 introduced new beta testing features, but they quickly disappeared. Now, it seems that these new features are back for good as Google introduces the 6.7.12 version of the Play Store.

Through the 6.7.12 version, people will see a new tab when they tap on My Apps & Games. Previously, this window only contains two tabs — “INSTALLED” and “ALL” — but it now contains a third tab named “BETA”. By tapping on this tab, users will see a list of the apps that they have been enrolled in as a beta tester. If they’d tap one of these apps, they’d see a notice telling them that they’re a beta tester for the app, and they’ll have the option to quit right away.

It’s important to note that not everybody who updated their Google Play Store to version 6.7.12 will get to see the BETA tab. Only a handful of people are seeing it on their Play Store pages, and they’re the ones providing screenshots that give us clues on what the BETA tab looks like and how it works. This seems to be an indication that Google is rolling out the change on a staggered basis, although it may become available to everyone in the coming days or weeks.

Google talked about this improvement and more during the I/O developers’ conference. Aside from the BETA tab, the Play Store page will show a box that allows people to opt in and leave beta tests in a quick and easy way. Beta testers will also be able to send feedback to the developers directly from the Google Play Store Page, which means they don’t have to open another window and go to another URL to do so.

The Google Play Store will also make it possible for users to learn about Android apps that are still in the beta phase. The Play Store’s search results, for example, will include apps that are still in beta and aren’t fully released. Users will also see a new section called “Google Play Early Access”, which will showcase interesting apps that are still being beta-tested but will be released in the next few days or weeks.

Android users can wait for Google Play Store 6.7.12 version to reach their devices. Alternatively, they can download the APK from the internet to get the new version right away and enjoy its new features.