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Have you already installed WhatsApp Gold in your Android device? Consider yourself lucky if you haven’t done it yet. As it happens, this version of WhatsApp won’t be helping you one bit, and may even cause some major problems. But if you already did, don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re not the only one who fell for its many promises and amazing features.

WhatsApp Gold boasts of some features that aren’t available in the original WhatsApp Android, such as disable voice call and voice note, search and install themes from a server, and additional options to change the background of the FAB button, style of a conversation row and conversation entry, the font styles, and settings style. And get this, it promises no lags at all and to fix all bugs and crash. Who doesn’t want that? The list of features just goes on and on. In fact, it claims to combine various features of several apps, such as Yo, GB, OSM and OG, in one application.

So it’s not a surprise that you were convinced to install it on your device. But the fact that you need to uninstall stock WhatsApp to make room for WhatsApp Gold is a dead giveaway. The app is actually a third-party app, similar to WhatsApp Plus, with no connection to WhatsApp whatsoever. Although it’ll improve the features of the messaging platform, none of them are actually approved or supported by the developer team in WhatsApp.

Long story short, WhatsApp Gold automatically installs malware on your Android device. It provides hackers a back door to breach your privacy and steal data that they can use for malicious intent, such as hacking into your online bank account. Whatever data they collect can also be used to launch ransomware on your machine.

So if you already installed the app, get rid of it before it can do damage.

If you want to avoid committing the same mistake the next time a new version of WhatsApp comes out, always verify the source. Then, visit the official WhatsApp site to see if a new version did come out. The Download page should give you an idea of what’s new. In most cases, the next version comes in the form of an update, automatic or otherwise, depending on your device’s settings.

It is also recommended that you read news and reviews for further verification. Although not all reviews are reliable, some can be trusted.