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Millions and millions of people started playing the extremely popular game Clash Royale. Obviously, more and more people started to look for ways to win. Even if the game is just a spin-off of Clash of Clans, it was an instant success, and lots of people are seeking for new tips and tricks.

  1. Take care of your battle deck. You have to have three decks ready to fight. One good advice is not to have too many rare troops since they cost a lot of elixir, and also not to get too many Epic troops or high numbers. If you spend all the elixir, you’ll have to wait while your enemy is beating you.
  2. Watch the elixir cost. You have a number at the bottom of the cards, which shows the average elixir cost. If it is between 8 and 4.4, you don’t have to worry too much, since you have a good deck. If it’s higher or lower, you won’t have enough power, so you will lose, most likely.
  3. Don’t be the first one to attack. It’s best to wait for the elixir bar to fill up, see the next card and then you can decide what troops it would be best to use. Some players rush to attack immediately, but this often causes them to lose.
  4. Strengthen your defense. If you wait to attack, it’s best to have a good defense ready, so make sure you are prepared. Don’t be afraid to be hurt a little bit and then to take your revenge, instead of wasting good cards on small damage.
  5. Watch your troops and buildings. You have to use your strategic skills, so think well before deploying any troops. Think about the next move and how long you have to wait for the elixir to regenerate.