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Are you crazy for Clash of Clans as much as we are?

Well, there is a recent Clash of Clans update on the marketplace, and you should know everything about it. So, what’s new in the newest Clash of Clans update?

Clash Of Clans Update and What It Is All About

As you may know a big Clash of Clans update happened a month ago, however it didn’t bring anything new or introduce new features. Fortunately, Supercell (the creator of the game) was not done with the updates this month and has just rolled out a brand new Clash of Clans update with amazing upgrades and changes.

The developers behind the game have been working hard to get the cheaters away from the game, balance it but also improve the Clan Wars and speed up the time for making an army.

A New Clash Of Clans Update Has Finally Arrived

The brand new Clash of Clans arrived yesterday. Everyone can try it right now and get ahold of the new Miner troop, the Baby Dragon, the new clone spells and other challenges.

Aside from these novelties, the 1-gem boost lets you earn more currency and helps everyone with all the new upgrades. Also, the Clash of Clans update now lets you fight others in your clan and is getting the expected ‘friendly attacks’ mode.

The Baby Dragon will remain unlockable for Clash of Clan players at Town Hall 9 and it will also come with a brand new special power mode boost when deployed. This will be visible on-screen as a dragon turning purple, and when multiple Baby Dragons are released together their speed and attack damage amounts will be diminished.

The Miner troops, on the other side – are able to burrow underneath the defense and overcome walls and emerge to their next targets. Also, they won’t take any damage when hidden underneath the ground.

Also, there are two new spells introduced with the latest Clash of Clans update: the Dark Elixir spell and the Elixir spell. While the Dark Elixir spell (also known as Skeleton spell) is unlockable at Town Hall 9, the other one is based at Town Hall 10 and is called Clone spell – creating clones of troops that enter the player’s designated circle.

You can now download Clash of Clans for iOS and Android and enjoy the novelties.