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Most Blackberry Priv owners have already received the Android 6.0 update back in April. But, for those who have signed up for Blackberry’s beta testing program, they’ll receive the fourth beta update for Android Marshmallow.

The fourth beta version isn’t available for all Blackberry Priv units. It will only be available to three variants: STV100-1 (units that were bought from Amazon and ShopBlackBerry), STV100-3 (units that were sold in Canada and Asia-Pacific), and STV100-4 (units that were sold in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East). STV100-2 (Verizon variants) and the AT&T and U.S. T-Mobile variants of the STV100-1 won’t receive the update.

Again, the fourth Android 6.0 update will only be delivered to those who are officially part of Blackberry’s beta testing program. Those who are not official beta testers will not receive the update, although many tech experts point out that they shouldn’t be disappointed because there apparently isn’t really much to miss.

The fourth Marshmallow beta update is around 1.8GB in size. Beta testers who want to download it should look for a Wi-Fi connection since it would definitely burn through their data allocation. They should also check their phone’s memory to ensure they have enough memory space to accommodate the update, although this shouldn’t be a problem considering that the Blackberry Priv has 32GB of internal storage that can be expanded to up to 2TB through a microSD card.

Even with a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection, downloading a file that’s almost 2GB in size will definitely take some time. Because of this, Blackberry Priv beta testers have to ensure that their phone is fully charged (or at least have more than 50 percent battery life) to prevent their device from shutting down while in the middle of downloading and installing the update.

Blackberry has not specified the changes or improvements that the fourth Marshmallow beta update will bring, so it’s up to beta testers to find out how the latest version will affect their smartphone. They’ll most likely receive the update any time soon but, if they haven’t yet received a notification about the availability of the update, they can manually check for it by going to their phone’s settings menu.

Are you a beta tester for the Blackberry Priv? What do you think about the fourth beta update? Do you think Blackberry is being diligent about creating the best possible version of Marshmallow for its first-ever Android phone? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a ccommcomment below!

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