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Those who own the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge have been wondering when they would receive the Android Marshmallow update, with some fearing that the new Android OS might never reach their device. Fortunately, it seems that Samsung has not forgotten its first-ever curved-screen phone and is now rolling out the Marshmallow update for it.

This development was reported by Italy-based digital media website HDBlog, which showed three screenshots that came from a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge receiving the Android 6.0.1 update. The update rollout for the Note Edge was said to have begun in Europe on May 21, although it’s not clear exactly what European countries are receiving the latest version of the update OS.

The Marshmallow update for the Galaxy Note Edge comes several days after Samsung rolled out a similar update for the Galaxy Note 4. Samsung fans will remember that the Galaxy Note 4 and the Note Edge were released side by side in 2014, and it makes sense that these two models would receive the Android Marshmallow update just days of each other.

The release of the Marshmallow update for the Note 4 and the Note Edge is part of the final phase of Android 6.0 rollout. Samsung prioritized its newest models and released the Marshmallow update for them first, then worked its way back to its older models. The Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge, which are already two years old, are some of the models that had to wait for several months before they could receive the update.

It’s important to note, though, that some versions of the Galaxy Note Edge have already received the Marshmallow update. Specifically, these versions belong to the U.S. carrier Sprint, which had released the Android 6.0 for its Note Edge variant back in April.

According to the screenshots presented by HDBlog, the Marshmallow update for the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has the firmware number N915FYXXU1DPE1 and is around 1.5GB in size. Before downloading the update, users should first check that they have enough memory in their device and that they have a strong and stable internet connection (preferably Wi-Fi). They should also have a fully charged battery or at least have a 50 percent battery life to ensure that they download won’t be interrupted.

The Android 6.0.1 update for the Galaxy Note Edge will be available through over-the-air (OTA) connection. Users will receive a notification that it’s already available for their device, although they can also manually check its availability by going to their phone’s Settings, navigating to About Device, choosing Software Update, then tapping Check for Updates.

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