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IF you are excited about the new release of Pokemon GO as much as we are, you definitely want to see and hear more than just rumors. And while we already announced that Pokemon GO is in Beta version in the US, we all want some more than just information.

15 Pokemon Go Screenshots You Must See

As you may know, Niantic is the company with the first concept of the Pokemon GO game. As soon as the idea popped in their heads, they partnered with Google, Nintendo and Pokemon Company Group to start the funding of the game.

And although these screenshots are not leaked, they are as good as leaked. We present you 15 amazing screenshots of the new Pokemon GO game.

As you can see, there are chizards, battles and mechanics of the brand new Pokemon GO game unveiled in front of our eyes. These screenshots tell a unique story of what the Pokemon Go game will represent – and why it will be enjoyed among the fans.

The PokeBalls will be available at famous historical monuments, and the reality game will allow every user to capture up to 100 Pokemon creatures. The ‘PokeStops’ will represent various shops centered in different locations in the world, where you can buy new Pokemons or refill whatever is needed.

Also, every user will interact with an in-game trainer avatar, and can browse through the Gyms and PokeStops to fight off other users in real-time. The screenshots also tell us that the game will offer amazing customization options – which is pretty handy.

In the end, Pokemon GO has also discussed creating a Pokemon GO Plus device which will allow every gamer to interact with the game in a special way, even when they are not looking at their phones. This certainly tells us how massive this new game is and why you should be expecting it on your phone soon.