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It was predictable that WhatsApp will become the world’s most used application when Facebook has purchased it in 2014, when it had 600 million active users. Now, there are 1 billion active users all over the world and in 109 countries, WhatsApp is the leader.

This information is backed by digital market intelligence firm SimilarWeb, which analyzed the status of all popular messaging applications, including percentage of installs and the highest daily use.


The research was performed in 187 countries and in 109 of them, WhatsApp is the most used application, which means that 55.6% of the world prefers WhatsApp over other messaging applications. In the UK, WhatsApp is installed on 56% of all Android phones and it’s used, on average, for over 27 minutes, each day.

WhatsApp is also more popular in countries such as Brazil, India, Mexico, Russia and in other countries from Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.

Facebook Messenger is settling for the second place, being more popular in 49 countries that include Australia, Canada and the US. On the third place we’ll find Viber, which claims ten or more countries, including Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine (it’s installed on 65% of all Android devices, being used for an average of 16 minutes a day) and it’s preferred mostly by Eastern Europeans, but it’s also popular in Iraq, Libya, and Sri Lanka.


Line, WeChat, and Telegram are claiming countries such as China, Iran and Japan and it’s not an exaggeration to say that Japanese people have an obsession with Line, as they use it for an average of 40 minutes/day. In South Korea is extremely used KakaoTalk, imo has lots of users in Cuba, Zalo is used in Vietnam, ChatOn in Eritrea and BlackBerry’s BBM in the first option in Indonesia.

And since there are so many people who have installed WhatsApp on an Android device, we must inform them that a new beta update is out. WhatsApp 2.16.97 beta comes with bug fixes and performance improvements and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.