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WhatsApp – the beloved and very popular messaging app which has brought Facebook about 19 billion dollars in revenue– has many features that will improve your messaging experience and it will also probably make never want to let it go. Here is a list of those perks and how to enable them.

Disable Read Receipts

The Read Receipts are two blue marks placed next to messages that tell you that the message you sent to somebody has been read. It’s a good feature but we all know that sometimes you might not want people to know you’ve read their messages for whatever reason. This is how you enable them: go to the Account Settings and choose Privacy. There you will disable Read Receipts.

Hide Last Seen timestamp

The fact that WhatsApp allows users to see when you last logged on to the app can be very annoying but there is a way to disable that Last Seen timestamp: again you’ll have to go to the Privacy Settings and choose Last Seen. There, you can choose who can se your status – either My Contacts (which only lets the people in your contacts see that information) or Nobody.

Backup and restore WhatsApp Conversations

This feature comes in handy when you want to swith to a new phone but you want to keep your conversation archives. In order to do this, go to the Chats Settings and choose Chat Backup. When you install WhatsApp on the new phone, you’ll be asked if you want to restore previous chats – that is when you tap Back Up Now.

Save conversation as a text file

One of the things you can do on WhatsApp is to save conversations as text files and it’s very useful if you really need to keep a record of chats. All you have to do is this: Open the chat> tap the Menu Button> tap More> tap Email Chat. After the last option you will receive an email with your chat history as a text document.

Block contacts

If you don’t know how to get rid of spam messages of just certain contacts, here is how you do it: tap the conversation you started with the contact you want to block > tap the header> tap Block this Contact.

Mute group chats

Group chats are incredibly convenient but it’s very frustrating to keep on getting messages from the group chat even though you’re not concerned with what some of them are saying. Here is how you do it: Open the chat> tap the Menu Button> tap Mute>Choose timeframe.

See who you chat with the most

You probably wonder about that sometimes. Well, WhatsApp will help you find out. Go to Account Settings and tap Storage usage. There you will see exactly how many messages were sent to you and from whom.

Stop media files being automatically saved

WhatsApp automatically saves all media files but it you are concerned about the space issues on your phone, you can disable this option by going to Chats Settings and toggling Save Incoming Media to off

Star a message

You can star a favourite message on WhatsApp by tapping and holding it until the Menu pops up. Then, all you have to do is chose the star option. If you want to see your starred messages go to Settings> Star Messages.

Add formatting to messages

One of the awesome perks of WhatsApp includes the ability to bold, italicize and strikethrough texts by using certain characters around the text: for bold you’ll have to add asterisks to both sides of the text, for italic you’ll have to put underscores on either side of the text and to strikethrough it you’ll have to put tildes on either side of it.