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Viber is a very popular and convenient messaging app that enables users to make free calls and use stickers and chances are that you are already using it right now. Here are 4 tips to make the best of the app and have a great Viber experience.

1. You can Doodle images


One of the perks on Viber right now is that you can doodle on any sent or received image. All you have to do is open a previous chat session where somebody sent an image and click on it. Once you do that, you should be able to see a three dot button right at the top. If you tap it, you’ll see the doodle option. It has very rudimentary Paint like tools but it’s fun nonetheless.

2. Conversation gallery


This one is a pretty awesome feature. Viber has been around for a while and you probably have conversations that have been going on for some years. If you happen to need something like images that were sent by a friend a while ago, and you also happen to know which friend that was, all you you’ll have to do is to swipe left on the chat session and choose the ‘media’ option.

3. Hide your status


Sometimes, you just don’t want certain people to know you’re online and that’s why a status hiding option will come in handy. And Viber has that option! Apart from that, it will also stop notifying people that you’ve read their messages. This how you do it: you go to the main Viber page and you choose Settings, then Privacy Options and finally, untick the Send Seen Status panel.

4. Turn off the light screen


This is one of the most annoying aspects of Viber when you first install it, because it comes with this default light screen message notification feature. And it happens even when the screen is locked! Which is counterproductive as the locked screen is supposed to save battery power and lighting up the screen does the exact opposite of that. However, it’s very easy to solve this problem: go to the Notifications panel in the Settings menu and disable the Light Screen option.