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Those who want to make some savings, but also to enjoy some great games will be happy to know that the summer sale on Steam has leaked. Annually, lots of people expect this period to take advantage of the low prices and to buy games they probably won’t play at all. Even though Valve has been keeping the secret, there are still some dates that have leaked.

As it appears, the Steam Summer Sale will be starting on the 23rd of June and it will last until the 4th of July (coincidence or not). As such, you will have more than enough time to see what the offers are and what games you want to buy.

Though people were glad to find out more about the sale, the source of this news is somewhat doubted. A Reddit user (under the name MrFreemanBBQ) posted on the website a screenshot with all the details. The interface and the font shown there resemble the ones really used by Valve, so the post could actually be true. However, there is some Russian interspersed with English there, which made some people doubt that the post is for real.

More exactly, the sale will take place between June 23, at precisely 9:45 (Pacific Time) and it will end on July 4, at 10:00 AM. It is possible that Valve itself might have released the info in hopes of creating some expectations and making people curious about that, which is a strategy that worked in the past with other companies too. And truth be told, we are looking forward to this event, since there are discounts of even 90% to very popular games. Moreover, we have enough time to save up!