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Many people are doing tricks in order to be able to install new apps and games on older systems, even though these weren’t designed for them. Such an example is the game Quake moved on a Hitachi V-422 or the Windows 95 OS installed on an Apple Watch. Another interesting possibility that sparked some interest online would be installing the Steam for Linux on a PlayStation 4 and thus playing the games.

One online modder, who works under the name of OsirisX, installed the Linux OS on the PS4 platform and then ran Steam. Moreover, he/she even opened Bastion and played a game, which went smoothly, without any issues.

Actually, people proved that Linux could be run on PS4 in December last year. Before any installation however, you have to “jailbreak” the console. The user we mentioned above, OsirisX, installed the Arch Linux on his/her console, then proceeded to install the Linux client for Steam too and then downloaded and installed some of the games. However, it’s not that easy to try this, since Sony is constantly releasing patches in order to prevent hacks in the system and other bugs and issues.

In other interesting news, PS4 fans plan to also try this “strategy” with Ubuntu. By using the hardware acceleration, they want to install it on the console, and think that this would work better because there’s a closer relation between the two. However, if you decide to follow the instructions above and install Linux, make sure you select low or mid graphics option, in order to gain a frame rate that will not make you want to throw all your devices out the window. What’s great is that if we had a Steam OS method that was easy to launch, the gaming world would be even more challenging and interesting!