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Avid Pokemon fans have probably read the numerous posts about Pokemon GO on Reddit and watched the video leaks that beta testers that have posted on YouTube. Still, there may still be some things that they’re wondering about a few things about the game.

Fortunately, some of their questions may be answered by the field testers in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, who gladly share their experiences with Pokemon GO (despite the fact that they’re not really allowed to talk about it).

Pokeballs and Combats

One of the beta testers who have gladly shared details about the game is YouTuber GOtrip, who also talks with other field testers to get their opinions about Pokemon GO. In one of these interviews, GOtrip confirms that the game makes it harder for players to catch Pokemon than other versions. Those who love using the traditional and well-loved red Pokeball will find that it’s usually not enough to catch advanced Pokemon and that it’s useful only for the most basic monsters. Players want to catch decent Pokemon that are useful in battles will have higher success rates if they’d use the blue or yellow Pokeballs.


Speaking of battles, it seems that Pokemon GO doesn’t give players much incentive to fight other trainers. They do get 100 XP if they defeat gym Pokemon, but the gameplay provides more opportunities level up in a less taxing way. Many field testers are also using a loophole that allows them to gradually level up their Pokemon simply by leaving them in a gym.

These can be disappointing, but it’s important to note that Pokemon GO is still in the beta testing phase. It can still change once Niantic receives feedback from the testers and decides to make huge improvements to the gameplay.


Unanswered Questions

Despite the helpful leaks of Pokemon GO field testers, many gamers still have some questions about the game. One of these is about fainting. Specifically, what should players do if one of their Pokemon faints? Traditionally, the monsters can be brought to a Pokemon Center or healed using a potion, but beta testers still haven’t mentioned how to go about this situation. Perhaps we’ll learn more about this in the coming days.

U.S. Beta and Release

The beta version of Pokemon GO was made available in the United States just this Monday. Niantic has not made any statement as to when the game would be officially released, although there are rumors that it would be launched in summer 2016.