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The rising popularity of smartwatches seen a year ago has maybe come to a point where we are ready for another innovation. And while calling, texting and being notified is great for many people when it comes to smartwatches – the fitness tracking and movement tools were among the best features people have used on smartwatches.

This is the comfort zone from where Pebble comes – as a brand new smartwatch made to revolutionize fitness as we know it.

pebble fitness smartwatch

Pebble – A Fitness Smartwatch We All Need

So, what type of smartwatch is Pebble?

First and foremost, it is that kind of smartwatch that prioritizes on health and fitness, just as they are one of the hottest topics this year. Aside from that, it is a great gadget that comes with activity tracking – plus – communications.

The Pebble Core is the first smartwatch model that targets the health market. It is specifically designed to fit every runner’s needs and is a part of a sophisticated technology that makes fitness tracking more precise than ever.

Pebble 2 – Revolutionizing The Standard Design Of A Fitness Smartwatch

The Pebble 2, on the other side, is a fitness smartwatch that is the more casual variant of the new models. It is packed with more flexible features, features a similar sporty design, a white e-paper display as well as a silicone strap (which is actually swappable).

The Pebble fitness smartwatch comes in 5 colors. You can choose from the amazing aqua, flame and lime – or stick to the black or white variations. One of the best features of it is the heart rate monitor, which is precise and tracks your resting heart rate every 10 minutes.

pebble fitness smartwatch

Pebble Time 2 Fitness Smartwatch – A Worthy Upgrade From Last Year’s Time Model

The Pebble Time 2 fitness smartwatch model, however, is the biggest update of last year’s Time model. Made of marine-grade stainless steel and with an availability to attach a leather or metal strap for $30 or $50 more, it has the same e-paper display but also a 10-day battery life. Or in other words, 10 days of carelessly free sports activities.

The main difference in the Time model, though, is the dramatically larger 1.5 inch screen which is double the size of the original. Also, it boasts with a resolution of 200×228 pixels and 80% greater pixel density than last model.

The Fitness Smartwatch Software Gets Updated As Well

Aside from the new Pebble fitness smartwatch models, the company has revolutionized the software as well. Now, instead of the side buttons that activated the screen, the process is made one step easier – letting you automatically surface the preview 5 to 10 minutes before any of your sports events.

The Actions is another new feature that shortcuts many options and lets you operate the watch easier. The bottom line is that this year, Pebble has brought a well designed upgrade on their fitness smartwatch variety – but consistent and life-saving upgrades when it comes to software as well.