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The Macbook Pro is one of the top selling laptops in the entire world. The 2015 model is known to be the lightest – yet the finest designed laptop in history. It also was the first model to get a Retina-screen update and glorify our eyes with its amazing screen.

Typing on the Pro is just one of the many nice experiences Apple has greeted its users with.┬áBut what will the 2016 Macbook Pro unveil? Will we see another keyboard – powered by another technology?

Will Apple Put An OLED Touch Keyboard On The Macbook Pro 2016 model?

According to a report from KGI Securities and their analyst Ming Chi-Kuo along with MacRumors, Apple is planning a new revolution on its keyboard. The Macbook Pro line which will be announced in late 2016 will supposedly get an OLED touch keyboard.

Now, Macbook models are known to be thin and very light. With an OLED touch keyboard, they will be even lighter. But the problem is not with the compactness – more with the convenience of using this new keyboard technology. Wondering why?

Well, Apple is known to keep running things simple. From the inside to the outside parts, there is an unified approach of ‘using a Macbook’. Now, if such new OLED touch technology kicks in, it will be a whole new world for every laptop user – but also a tough pill to swallow for many. Because, let’s face it – we love typing on our keyboards and it’s just something that does not get replaced over night.

So, will we see a keyboard like this below integrated into the Macbook Pro 2016?

macbook pro touch

No one knows. The Apple conference may just be the event to make us stand still.

The Apple WWDC San Francisco Conference – Will We See A New Macbook Pro?

As you may already know, Apple’s WWDC conference will happen in less than 3 weeks – in the period from June 13th to 17th. This is when the expected new iPhone is supposed to roll out – as well as a new line of other gadgets including revamped Macbook Pros.

But will the world stand still in front of a new keyboard technology powered by OLED and touch? Will we touch – rather than type buttons on our keyboards?

While it is still a rumor, the rumor-fetcher Ming-Chi Kuo whom it is attached to has correctly predicted the 12-inch Macbook, although it came one year later. Also, he was right when it came to the iPhone SE specs – released a few months before this smartphone’s launch.