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Are you as excited as we are for the new Steam summer sale?

Well, we got to know the dates. In fact, they leaked and were trusted to be confidential. But now we know it. The Steam summer sale will start on June 23rd (9am Pacific time) and end on 4th of July (10am PST). Similar to the last year’s leakage, the Steam summer sale is a hot topic for many gamers.

steam (1)

This Reddit thread┬ásums up a lot of opinions on this year’s Steam summer sale. And while some of the users are predicting that this ‘supposed leakage’ is all about the community, others say that Steam strategically leaked the game to get a hold of as many sales as possible this year.

According to the user MrFreemanBBQ who was the first one to announce the big news on Reddit, he claims to have found what looks like a screenshot of a section of Steam’s discount information for this year’s Steam Summer Sale.

Here is the screenshot:

steam summer sale

Every gamer can now rest assured of a great summer sale – where shopping is a must. More importantly, we all need time to prepare for it – which was supposedly Steam’s idea for the pre-time leakage.

If you are not rubbing shoulders with gamers, though, and don’t know what the Steam summer sale represents, it’s basically a chance to purchase PC gaming titles for insanely low prices and amazing discount. Starting from 30% off, the Steam summer sale discount can go up to 80% – guaranteeing an extremely low price for every PC game.


In the end, we can say nothing but ‘Thank you Valve’ for giving us such great news. After all, knowing that the price can be stripped off up to even 90% and gotten for a real bargain is an astonishing fact on itself.

June 23rd, we beg you to come – so that the Steam summer sale begins!