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A new Fallout 4 mod will move the game to a new setting and we are pretty sure that many fans will try it out. Fallout Cascadia is an upcoming Fallout 4 mod that will create a totally new game that will be set in Seattle.


In concordance with the description of the mod, players will go on a new adventure that will be completely separate from the main game.  However, even if the mod will be smaller than the Fallout 3 game, there will be more quests that have been recently released within the “Far Harbor” DLC.

It is good to know that there are 18 people who are working on the Fallout Cascadia mod. The development of the mod has started six months ago, but it got intensified once the Creation Kit was released by Bethesda.

According to the mod creators, players will notice that, inside the mod, they will find new quests that will challenge them both morally and mentally, factions that are want to control the world, locations that will tell a story and more.

Unfortunately, we are not sure yet when the Fallout Cascadia will be released, but there are rumors which say that it might take longer than expected, as the team that is working on this project wants to make it epic. The mod will be released for Fallout 4: PC version, but the makers of the mod are hoping to bring it to consoles, as well.


It is good to know that the Fallout Cascadia mod will be totally FREE and everyone who will want to try it out will be able to do it. The mod will be available on Bethesda’s websites after the makers of the mod will upload it.

We remind you that Bethesda has already sent out invites for Fallout 4 closed modding beta for Xbox One. In other words, full mod support is expected to be released on Xbox One later this month, followed by PlayStation 4 in June 2016.