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A few days ago, Clash Of Clans has received another important update which brought new troops: the Miner and the Baby Dragon, which were firstly introduced in Clash Royale. However, the troops are not be identical, as Supercell has adapted the Miner and Baby Dragon in order to go with the storyline of Clash Of Clans.

A few days ago, Supercell has released Clash Of Clans May update, which came with new troops, Friendly Challenges and new spells. Friendly Challenges is a mode that players can use to train and fight against each others without being penalized. Existing clans have a chat interface where players can see the challenge button and anyone can click on it. When another clan member sees the request, it accepts the challenge and the battle begins. Also, if layouts are modified in the last 24 hours, players at Town Hall 9 or above won’t have access to them and on Preparation Day of Clan Wars are shown active Village setups.

When it comes to new spells, the Town Hall 9 Skeleton spell can be used for cleanup and diversions with the help of swarms of Skeletons, while the Clone spell can be used to partially clone troops within its radius.

As for the new troops, Supercell has brought the Miner and Baby Dragon straight from Clash Royale and while the first one will be available at Town Hall 10, when it will hide underground and will attack when it will be necessary (in a base, it will be found anywhere on the map), the latter will be available at Town Hall 9 and will get enraged when there won’t be any air units nearby.

Other improvements included in the May Update are: new levels for the Cannon, Lava Hound, Balloon and Spring Traps, and the Bowler will no longer occupy so much space on the battlefield. The patch brings also troop donations, gestures and expanded Edit Mode tools.

The new May update can be installed on Android and iOS devices.