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Avid Clash of Clans players know that the latest May update will bring new levels and features to the game. Two of these improvements are Friendly Challenges and Skeleton Spells. If you love playing COC, read on to know more about these two new concepts and see how they’ll affect the gameplay.

Friendly Challenges


If you have played Clash Royale, you’re probably aware of its friendly battles and have wished that this feature could be ported over to Clash of Clans. Well, it seemed that game developer Supercell has heard your wish and is now making your dream come true by bringing Friendly Challenges to COC.

For those who aren’t familiar with this concept, Friendly Challenge is a feature that allows you and your clan mates to attack each other. You can do this to practice and develop your abilities or to compete with each other and see who has better abilities. You can also organize Friendly Challenges within your clan so you and your clan mates can improve your defenses, form better attack strategies, and increase your chances of winning against other teams.

The best things about Friendly Challenges is that they’re unlimited, don’t require gold, and won’t use up your Spells, Traps, Troops, or Heroes. The downside is that you won’t really earn anything when you win, so you’ll basically just get bragging rights.

To issue a Friendly Challenge, simply go to your Clan chat and tap the “Challenge Button”. Any of your clan mates can accept your challenge. To accept one, just tap on the Challenge that would appear on your chat and attack the challenger’s village. Whether you’re defending your village or attacking other people’s, you won’t lose any of your resources (they’ll be returned to you after the game), so don’t hold back and give the challenge your all!

Skeleton Spells


Aside from Friendly Challenges, Clash of Clan’s May update is expected to include Skeleton Spells. By using one of these spells, you’ll make Skeletons appear anywhere in the battlefield when you reach Town Hall 9 and above. It will cost you one Dark Elixir. Industry experts have noted that the Spell currently isn’t too effective when it comes to demolishing buildings, although it is greatly helpful in luring out troops that surround Clan Castles and create a diversion that increases your advantage in the game.

What do you think of Friendly Challenges and Skeleton Spells? Do you look forward to using them in Clash of Clans? Tell us your thoughts below!