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Clash of Clans saw a flurry of tiny changes today, all to make minor improvements.

First, there is an optional update available for you to download from the iOS App Store or Google Play which fixes bugs and makes a few minor changes:

  • The bug where War Spectators could not see War details has been fixed.
  • Friendly Challenge messages received while you were in Matchmaking or moving to or from a Village had been causing the game to crash. These crashes should no longer occur.
  • League badges will now should up in Friends lists.
  • A visual bug about Clone Spell on Player Profiles has been fixed.
  • Items will no longer be displayed out of order if you mute someone in global chat.
  • The “move all” crash in Edit mode should not longer occur.
  • The “You forgot to train your troops/brew spells” notifications have been set to 12 hours.
  • Some news item text has been adjusted.

Later in the day, just a few hours ago, Clash of Clans underwent maintenance. This maintenance fixed additional bugs:

  • Replays and live replays sometimes displayed slightly inaccurate results. They will now show the correct outcomes.
  • Dragging troops and spells to the front of the queue has been disabled.
  • If the Tesla is being upgraded in Matchmaking, players will be able to see where it is now, like you can during Wars.

Clash of Clans Update

This was not the end of it, however. A couple of hours ago, a second optional update for Clash of Clans was released to the App Store and Google Play. This one also addresses minor problems:

  • If over 80 messages had been sent to the global chat, a player in that global chat channel could experience a crash, regardless of what they were doing. These crashes should no longer occur.
  • The global chat will scroll to the most recent message.
  • The “back” button in the Layout Editor’s Move All and Photo Mode should now work correctly.

All of these changes and fixes made through the Clash of Clans optional updates and maintenance today are small, but they should improve the gameplay experience by eliminating these bugs.