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The upcoming Android N will be in direct competition with Apple’s iOS 10, but these operating systems have copied each other’s features, but not all. Some are exclusive and Google is trying to be one step ahead of Apple, by speculating what users want and need. Sometimes, developers listen to fans’ feedback and put their ideas into practice. This year, it seems that Google was ready to familiarize users with Android N’s upcoming features in advance, by revealing the Developer Preview on March 9. At the annual Google I/O was released the third DP, which is the first beta-quality candidate. So, these are the new features that will be introduced in Android N.


In Android N, you will look at two applications at the same time, as they will run simultaneously in split screen. This feature has been introduced on some Samsung and LG phones and now it will be available on all devices that will come loaded with Android N or will be upgraded to the upcoming operating system. Also, the picture-in-picture setting will allow you to play a video and to have access to a different type of application, such as a messaging app (Facebook).

Daydream, A Virtual Reality Platform

Daydream will be powered by Android and owners of devices compatible with it will use the virtual reality mode to enjoy the headset that will be released soon.

Night Mode

It’s similar to Apple’s Night Shift mode, which will help you go to sleep with your eyes rested, as the blue tones of the screen will be switched to a yellow hue.

New emoji

Google liked the new iOS emoji and will bring new emoji that will look more human. 13 “professional” woman faces that have been proposed recently might appear in Android N.

Notification Replies

Another interesting change is the ability to reply to texts within the alert notification, which is found at the top of the screen, which means that you will no longer need to open up the text messages first.

Doze on the Go

This setting will help to save battery life, by putting a stopper on the phone’s background computing, when it’s in idle. If you’re one of the people who use many applications, the new version of Doze is very useful and it works even if the device is in motion.