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After purchasing Nokia, Microsoft has stopped releasing new Nokia Asha phones, but WhatsApp’s developers kept releasing updates for this application and the latest one is 2.16.6. This update is available for Symbian 40 phones as well and it brings a new security option that is found in the device’s Settings > Account > Security.


If you haven’t heard yet, by the end of this year, WhatsApp will stop supporting Nokia Asha, BlackBerry, as well as old Android and iOS versions, but the application will still run on these platforms. Until that will happen, WhatsApp will be updated regularly and today we’ll talk about version 2.16.6 for Nokia Asha phones, which comes with a new option.

According to users who already installed this update, the option enables or disables the security notifications, and they are informed when the security code of a contact is changed. The installation file is 1Kb larger compared to the previous version and it has 463 modified files, which means that the developers have worked hard on improving the application’s performance and speed. Also, they’ve fixed many bugs and improved the performance, but they haven’t introduced the Voice Calling feature yet and we doubt that Nokia users will ever be able to make voice calls to other WhatsApp friends.


WhatsApp 2.16.6.sis installation file can be downloaded from the app store (which comes pre-installed on Nokia devices), but if you want to test out newer beta updates, you’ll have to manually download them from After the file is downloaded, tap on it to start the installation process and follow the instructions on the screen.

WhatsApp has now 1 billion active users, but there are only a few people who still use a Nokia Asha smartphone. Android users, alongside iOS users, form the majority and WhatsApp’s developers are spoiling them with new features very often.