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Nintendo has been guarded about its upcoming device called the NX. New president Tatsumi Kimishima has commented that the NX would be “different and obviously a new experience” but, when it comes to the specific details about the gadget, the Japan-based company has been tight-lipped.


However, there are rumors flying around about the Nintendo NX, and one of these is that it would be a hybrid device. That is, it can be played as a handheld device but can also be connected to a home video game console. If this turns out to be true, players can bring the Nintendo NX anywhere they go and play their favorite games whenever and wherever they want. When they get back home, they can plug it into their console, pick up where they left, and enjoy the game on a bigger screen.

There are several clues that seem to support this rumor. One of these is Nintendo’s statement that the NX would be a “new concept” and that it would be different from the Wii and other Nintendo products. What could be newer and more different than a gadget that is one-half handheld device and one-half home video game console?

Another clue is Nintendo’s announcement that it has combined its handheld console development team and its home console development team. There are several interpretations for this move, but one of the most plausible reasons is that Nintendo wants its two teams to work more closely together to develop a hybrid handheld-home console device.

A hybrid device can be greatly advantageous to Nintendo because it can help the company cut down on its operation costs. After all, the company needs to manufacture and market only one gadget instead of two separate units. A hybrid device can also be beneficial to users since they no longer have to buy two different gadgets, and they can enjoy continuity when playing a game either at home or somewhere else.


Players can also have access to more games since handheld titles may now be played on a bigger screen, while games that are designed for home console systems may now be accessed on smaller handheld devices.

It’s important to note, though, that this is just a rumor and that Nintendo has neither denied or confirmed it. The Nintendo NX is expected to be released late this year or in early 2017 so, a few months from now, we’ll probably have clearer details as to the features of this new device.