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It’s only been two months since The Division was released, but developer and publisher Ubisoft has been showering players with exciting updates. The first update, Incursions, was released on April 12 and brought about a new area named Falcon Lost, a loot trading system, and new mechanics for Gear Score.

The second update, which is called Conflict, has been officially announced and will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on May 24.


Conflict will bring about new and exciting features and make The Division even more engaging. One of these features is High-Value Targets (HVT), who must be taken down within a limited amount of time. Players will only have one chance to defeat these targets so, if they miss a shot or die in the process, they’ll lose the opportunity to reap excellent rewards. Players will be given a description of HVTs as well as the recommended Gear Score they’d need to engage these targets.

Conflict will also introduce a new Incursion mission called Clear Sky, in which players would have to battle Rikers to regain control over an anti-missile site that used to be owned by the Last Man Battalion. They’d also have to make Manhattan’s skies safe for aircraft and to retrieve the supplies that the Rikers have stolen. Clear Sky introduces a new set of equipment and will come with a Challenge Mode.

The latest update will also bring changes to the Dark Zone. One of these is that a player’s loot can now be hijacked by other players, who can cut the extraction rope and cause the loot to fall to the ground. This means that just attaching loot to the helicopter won’t be enough and that players need to protect their bags from thieves until the helicopter flies away. On the other side of the coin, this change allows players to go Rogue without having to kill an Agent since they’ll automatically be tagged as a Rogue once they start cutting through the rope that holds the loot.


Conflict will also introduce four new gear sets: Hunter’s Faith (facilitates long-range combat), Final Measure (promotes defense), Lone Star (inflicts higher damage per second), and Predator’s Mark (multiplies bullet damage through bleed damage). These sets will boost players’ stats and affect their play style.

Are you looking forward to Conflict and the new features and missions that it brings? Which gear set would you like to use? Tell us what you think of The Division’s latest update below!