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There have been many rumors and speculations recently about the upcoming release of Apple’s next iPhone generation of phone models and here is an overview of what you can expect from it.

iPhone 7 Chassis Leaks

One thing is for sure, many reports say that the new iPhones will have a very similar design to that of the previous generation, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus because, in the case of this next flagship phone, Apple is more concerned with the internals and not with the outside aesthetics.

According to at least one analyst, the upgrade Apple will most likely be implementing in the iPhone 7 smartphone models is optical image stabilization – OIS. Although this feature was limited only to the 5.5 inch phone models, it is now believed that it is possible to also see it in devices with 4.7 inch display. The thing about this feature is that it allows users to take high quality videos and pictures in both normal light environments and low light conditions.

The same analyst said that Sony is delaying the supply of dual camera systems for the iPhones because of the damage suffered during an earthquake by one of its production facilities in Kumamoto.

This has, in turn, forced Apple to seek camera systems supplies from either LG or Samsung but there is no reason to believe that these companies might make different cameras than what we are used to in iPhones, because they will surely manufacture them in accordance with Apple’s specifications.

iPhone 7 Leaks

Lastly, an image of the 7th gen of iPhone leaked and it showed the back of the phone. If what we saw in those pictures is true then that means that Apple will not release this phone model in an all-metal design. The pictures feature plastic strips at the top and bottom edges that are necessary for the antenna signal to get through.