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Are you a big Fallout 4 fan? If you are, you’ve most likely heard about Far Harbor, the game’s latest DLC. You might even have bought it right away as soon as it was released and are now playing it. But, if you’re still waiting to get your hands on the DLC, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth the hype and the dollars you’ll spend.

Fortunately, the good news is this: Far Harbor has received mostly positive reviews! Gamers love the fact that it contains new and tougher enemies that will certainly challenge your skills and force you to improve your skills and come up with better strategies.


If you’re fascinated with the Children of Atom, you’ll be given the chance to get to know them better (even individual members) and understand where they’re coming from.

Tips and Tricks

A lot of gamers have already completed the Far Harbor expansion, and they’ve kindly given tips and tricks to those who are yet to download and play the DLC. One of these folks is Redditor SovieticBacon, who posted a list of tips for those who’ll play Far Harbor for the first time. According him, players should bring Nick Valentine along since he contributes a lot to the DLC’s plot. They should also choose only their best weapons to avoid filling their inventory to the brim (and, anyway, they’ll find new weapons along the way).

You can get more tips from SovieticBacon here.

Easter Eggs

Gamers who have already played Far Harbor have discovered many Easter eggs in the new expansion. Patricia Hernandez of Kotaku discovered that a seemingly useless quest in Fallout 4 actually turns out to mean something in Far Harbor. This quest involves meeting a character named Parker Quinn, who tries to sell you a new currency called a charge card.


This turns out to be useless since no merchant would accept it, but it all changes in Far Harbor since someone will actually accept the card as currency. It might not seem mind-boggling at first glance, but it’s actually pretty impressive considering that the storyline has been in place long before Far Harbor was released.

Another Easter egg, as mentioned by Paul Tamburro of Crave Online, involves popular WWE superstar Bray Wyatt and his wrestling team mates Luke Harper, Braun Strowman, and Erick Rowan. In the DLC, you can read the dialogue of someone named “Bray Husky” talking to people named Luke, Braun, and Rowan offscreen, although you can’t actually see them in the game. As Tamburro points out, this Easter egg suggests that one or more of the Far Harbor developers are pro-wrestling fans and that there may be more WWE references in the DLC.