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Any new DLC that’s released for Fallout 4 is making many gamers very happy. Most of the studios usually release very small updates which contain just a few missions and charge players for a good amount of money. However, when Bethesda is releasing a new DLC for one of its games, you can clearly say that it comes not only with a few missions, but also with new content and many new features.

The studio has just released the Far Harbor DLC for its Fallout 4 game, which has made all Fallout fans very happy. The new DLC doesn’t come just with extra missions, but it also brought new content along with new weaponry and armor, which players can use. In addition, the DLC also comes with more substance to the Fallout lore, with some new Easter eggs that will fill some story gaps.


Without any doubts, someone from Bethesda is surely a WWE fan, because a user from Reddit has found an Easter Egg which is referring to the Wyatt Family. This Easter Egg is located in the new Rock Point Camp location inside the Far Harbor DLC.

According to the Reddit user, “there are a series of Holotapes around the camp, in which the camp leader, Bray, is telling 3 campers what the chores in camp are and so on. The 3 campers’ names are Luke, Rowan and Braun.” Unfortunately, you will not come face-to-face with Bray and the other Wyatts, but it is quite fun for the WWE fans out there. Without any doubts, the Wyatts would fit perfectly into the Fallout 4 world and hopefully someone would create a mod that will make this reality.

Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC is priced at $25 and it can be purchased from

What are your thoughts about the Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC?