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There is a Clash of Clans Update that’s coming this May and a brand new spell is rumored to come with it. It’s going to be a Skeleton spell and here is what is known so far about it.

The information comes from an interview with Chief Pat, an expert on Clash of Clans taken by Design & Trend about the details he’s gathered so far from the developers involved in the game.


Apparently, this new Skeleton’s spell is a very dark one that will enable players to spawn many Skeletons on the battle field. It can be used on Town Hall 9 and you’ll only need one Dark Elixir for it. This spell can be pushed up to level 4 and the level increases come with more Skeletons. We don’t know how many Skeletons will be features at every level but it’s very probable that Supercell will reveal these details very soon.

As we all know, the Skeleton spell is very good at distracting the troops that guard the castles, however, it doesn’t do very much at this point when it comes to demolishing buildings, but it would be fun to see that in the future. But this new spell will be a better diversion for troops and will definitely help those players that are still struggling with the lower Town Halls.

This new Skeleton Spell also implies that the Dark Elixir Factories will level up to 4 as a result of this upcoming May update. Furthermore, this also means that there will be changes in levelling for the other dark incantation in the Clash of Clans game.


If you recall, there was a change in the gameplay that came with the March update that kept Skeletons from triggering traps, but this new spell will counterbalance this aspect that make the Skeletons less useful.

The May update was launched two days ago and remember that you can play the game on Android and iOS devices.