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As Motorola (or Lenovo, if you want to refer to the company that now owns this brand) is working more and more on developing the future Moto X, we get more and more reports, but also rumors, regarding its performance and features. Let’s see what is it that we know until now and get prepared for the launch event on June 9th!

Right from the start, when Motorola announced the phone in 2015 (more precisely, in July), people were surprised because it was earlier than anyone would have expected. Back in December, there was a photo that leaked which shows the new design. As it seems, it will feature a metal design that is completely innovative.

As it seems, last week some information got released and it looks like Motorola decided to make two models for the Moto X version, under the names of Vertex and Vertex Thin.

The specs look very appealing too. It is rumored that it will have at least a 1080p display, along with a powerful Snapdragon processor, more exactly the 625 version with 8 cores. Moreover, it will come together with 2 GB RAM.

What people have been quite unhappy about is the huge camera in the back, which comes with sensors and integrated flash. It seems particularly big if you think about the fact that the phone is only 5.5 mm thin. Also, in the front there is a square fingerprint scanner, while on the rear you will notice some cutout pinholes. Your selfies will definitely get better on this phone, since you will also have a LED flash on the front camera too.

However, there is no clear information as to when the phone will be released, but on the leaked photos there is a date placed on the weather widget: 24th of August.