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Microsoft has always been admired for its ability to innovate and think out of the box. And people have been appreciating this ever since the first launching of the Surface series, with the first generation. Truth  be told, it was something new at the time to have both a tablet and a laptop in the same device. Now people are waiting for the Surface Pro 5 to be launched, circulating lots of rumors and speculations.

As many people expect, Microsoft will apparently use the next gen Intel processor for the Surface Pro 5, which is the Kaby Lake one. However, this processor will only be launched on 31st of May, in Taipei, which means it’s going to take a while until we see the release of the Microsoft device. Moreover, people say that they will include an Ultra HD display (4K quality, of course), which will bring to the users a resolution of 3,840×2,160 pixels.

Besides, there are rumors hinting at Microsoft using a bigger battery for the Pro 5, as compared to the previous generation. The Surface Pro 4 had 9 hours of battery life, although it had some power issues.

Tech Radar claimed that Microsoft will make the official release either in June or in October. However, it is quite unlikely that they will rush the process of developing the Pro 5 so much so that it would be ready by June. At the same time, there are other voices that say we won’t be getting any release this year at all, given that a major update for Windows 10 has been delayed. Another possible time for the release rumored around is spring 2017, if you take into account the fact that they have to wait for some hardware update too.