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Half Life is surely a popular franchise and, without any doubts, fans of the series are now waiting for the third version of the game to be released. We remind you that more than 10 years have passed since Half Life 2 has been released (November 2004) and fans have lost their patience.

Valve, the developers of Half Life series, has been working on some biggest game names out there, such as DoTA 2, Counter Strike, Left 4 Dead, Portal and more, which means that the team has been quite busy, but we’re not sure why they didn’t pay any attention to the Half Life 3 game.

We remind you that Valve is very popular for the Half Life series of games. The first Half Life game has been released back in 1998, while the second game has arrived six years later. Well, 12 years have passed since then and we don’t have any information about the Half Life 3 and many fans are already worried that they will never see this game released.

However, some earlier rumors were suggesting that the Half Life 3 is already under development. Unfortunately, none of these rumors has been confirmed by Valve, so we should take them with a bit of salt.

New rumors say that the game will most likely be released sometime in November 2018, in order to coincide with the 20th year anniversary of the Half Life series. The Half Life 3 is expected to support full-VR settings, which means that the players will have an awesome experience with this new game, as they will be able not just to look, but also to move around.

Do you think that the Half Life 3 game will be released in November 2018 or it will take longer for this to happen?