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Clash of Clans is one of the most popular strategy games on mobile devices. Whenever the developers are releasing major updates for this game, first they come with some sneak peeks, which inform the players about what’s about to be brought to their favorite game.


During the final sneak peek of the Clash of Clans: May Update, two new troops have been spotted, which will be added to the game.

First of all, we will talk about the Baby Dragon, a new troop that requires Elixir to be trained. It is good to know that this troop occupies 10 storage spaces and in order to train it, you will need a Town Hall level 9. Here is a short video that showcases the new Baby Dragon troop.

It is good to know that the stats of this troop will change whether you release them by themselves or in a group in the battlefield. When a Baby Dragon will be alone, its stats will be boosted, but when you will release more baby dragons at once, their stats will be significantly reduced. In other words, there will be many players who will use a single Baby Dragon, in order to take full advantage of this troop.

Clash Of Clans May Update Comes With New Troops - Baby Dragon And The Miner

The Miner is also a new offensive troop and as you have already guessed it is able to dig underground to avoid taking damage from spells while it is hidden from sight. The new troop requires you to have a Town Hall level 10 and it will occupy 5 housing spaces. Below you can see a short video showcasing the new Miner troop:

What are your thoughts about the new Baby Dragon and Miner troops? Will you use them in your raiding strategies?