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Want to watch Netflix everywhere? If yes, this app is what you definitely need. It gets you rid of any geographic limitation restricting you from watching Netflix. And let’s face it – whether it’s traveling the world or visiting friends in a non-available country, not getting to watch your favorite TV shows just because you are away from hoe is a tough pill to swallow.

Smartflix – The Netflix Hack App For Wherever You Are

smartflix (1)

The Netflix hack app is called Smartflix – and it comes with a sleek appearance designed to suit both OS X and Windows operating systems. It eliminates any regional restrictions – and even works where Netflix isn’t even available.

Until recently, Netflix was a mystery for many countries in Europe. The latest announcement which was months ago, however, brought it to a lot of European countries. There are still a lot that restrict this platform – and Smartflix is about to solve these mysteries.

Watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones, Walking Dead or checking out the latest movie with Leonardo DiCaprio can now happen – anywhere you are with Smartflix. And despite the fact that the app does not fit Netflix’s TOS rights, we doubt that the company may ban your account.

7 Day Location FREE Netflix Trial With Smartflix

Smartflix lets you try out its service for free in a 7-day trial. After the trial, the price of the app rises to only $3,99 per month – while the annual subscription costs $39,90. The bottom line is that Smartflix is really an intriguing app. Wondering why?

Well, once you download and install this app, it will prompt you to add your Netflix credentials. After you log in, you will immediately see the straightforward interface which feels similarly to Netflix’s website – which is another interesting fact. However, the user interface of Smartflix is actually superior than Netflix – having in mind the geographical boundaries that it takes away from the very start.

smartflix-expiring-soon (1)

Also, Smarflix comes with a section that is named ‘Expiring Soon’. Here, you can find titles that aren’t long for the world of Netflix and will expire soon. This is one of the coolest feature, along with the IMDB rankings next to each movie or TV show.

You can start using Smartflix now – and start enjoying the world of Netflix – independent of your location!