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In concordance with AdDuplex, about 90% of the smartphones that are running on the Microsoft mobile operating system are using the Windows 8.1 or older. In other words, there are still many devices that haven’t been upgraded yet to the new Windows 10 Mobile OS.

It seems that Skype is about to drop support on these devices, as the developers are already disabling the Video Messaging feature on the application for the devices that are running on the mentioned operating systems.

However, people who are using these devices will have access to a new feature, which will allow them to save the video messages that they will receive. So, if they receive a video message, they will be able to access it, but they won’t have the possibility to send one.

We are not sure why a company that’s owned by Microsoft is treating the Windows users worse than other 3rd party applications such as WhatsApp. We agree that Skype is an UWP (Universal Windows App), which is also available on Windows 10 Mobile, but we think that Microsoft is making a very bad move by removing support from “older” Windows Phone versions. This would be just another reason for the users who own devices that run on those operating systems to just switch to a device that runs on Android OS.

It is good to know that Microsoft is losing ground in the mobile industry, as according to Gartner, the Windows Phone market share has dropped to 0.7%. According to reports, Microsoft is no longer planning to release Lumia devices this year, but instead it will rely exclusively on the upcoming Surface Phone devices that will be released in spring of 2017.

Do you think that many owners of Windows Phone mobile devices will ditch them for others that run on Android?