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It’s official, Pokemon Sun and Moon will be released later this year in November and will be the first set on the games with the Generation VII Pokemon. The game will be released in the United States a few days earlier than Europe, the US has a November 18th release date while Europe is dated for the 23rd.

As expected from a Pokemon game, there are three new Pokemon to select as starters and they are the same types as always; Popplio is the water type, Litten is the fire type but Rowlet is not just the typical grass type, it is also part flying. There have been no hints or mention about any of the other Pokemon that players can expect to see in these games.

Nintendo has revealed the the games will be linked to the PokeBank; the PokeBank allows players to move their Pokemon to other games in the series and Nintendo has commented that all recent games work with the PokeBank. They also confirmed that Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire will also work with the bank.

The location of Pokemon Sun & Moon was accidentally leaked by Amazon on the official store page for the games; the name of the area had already been confirmed by The Pokemon Company and Nintendo. Amazon confirmed however that Aloha is a chain of multiple islands meaning that players will need to travel back and forth between them all somehow.

The information about Pokemon Sun & Moon is pretty limited right now but rumours about the games are flying around the internet. Nintendo and The Pokemon Company announced on Twitter that there will be more news about the games in June and fans expect to see a segment at E3 dedicated to the games.

Pokemon Sun & Moon will cost $39.99 each at their release later this year in November and many retailers are already taking pre-orders for the games.