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The augmented reality game was announced in 2015 and is a product of the combined work of The Pokemon Company and Niantic; current rumours suggest the game will be released this Summer however there has been no official confirmation yet.

While the aim of the game is similar to the main games in the series, it will be slightly different and we already know some of the details about the game. The aim of players it to catch, train and battle the various Pokemon they encounter while also connecting to other players. There have been various beta field tests in Japan, Australia and New Zealand; Niantic are now also taking applications for the United States field test. All beta testers have to sign a non-disclosure act in order to take part but this has not stopped people from sharing details.

According to the leaked information, the current build of the game only features the original 150 Pokemon and a number of portals from the Ingress game are being used as Pokestops which give items to players.

Quite a bit of information about catching Pokemon has also been leaked by players and according to the detail, catching Pokemin in Pokemon GO is very different. The Pokeballs can be thrown in various ways and a wild Pokemon can deflect them, in addition to this there is a percentage chance of catching the Pokemon; the pokeball will enlarge and contract to display the chance of catching the Pokemon. Catching Pokemon successfully will give the player part of an evolution crystal and once they have enough, a Pokemon can be evolved.

Breeding Pokemon seems to be a very important feature, Pokemon that come from eggs are stronger than the majority of wild Pokemon however there is also a speed mechanic that limits how fast players can move with an egg, if they move too fast then it does not count. Some details have also been revealed about Pokemon battles, a single charged attack deals more damage and the same Pokemon can all have different moves.

More news about Pokemon GO should be coming from E3 in June and there will most likely be more leaks from the US beta test.

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