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Nintendo hasn’t confirmed the release date of its upcoming Pokémon Go game that is currently in beta testing phase, but rumors say that players will catch Pokémon in the real world starting this summer. Pokémon Go will have a different story-driven RPG, as it will focus rather on the multiplayer aspect. The upcoming augmented-reality game will be released alongside the Pokémon Go Plus wearable device that will alarm users when a Pokémon.

Some Pokémon Go beta testers have posted on Reddit their impressions about the game, saying that the developers have changed even the battle mechanics, as players will deal more damage with a charge attack, in just two attacks. In addition, the battle pace will be faster, and trainers will have real-time battle while they’re avoiding the other player’s attack and they will choose when to attack.

The beta test began in March, in Japan, then it was expanded to Australia and New Zeeland in April, while in May, US fans were allowed to sign up for the field test. We don’t know for sure when the beta tests will end, but rumors say that the game will be released this summer for both Android and iOS.

In order to become a beta tester, you must have an Android device running on at least version 4.3 (which shouldn’t be powered by an Intel Atom processor, because it’s not supported) or an iPhone running on at least iOS 8. If you meet these requirements, you will head to the Niantic Labs website and tap on the sign up button in order to apply for the Pokémon GO field tests. If you’ll be accepted, you will start playing the game immediately, but if you’ll get caught sharing information from “inside”, your field test account will be terminated.

Have you signed up for the Pokémon GO field tests or you’re just a fan who is waiting for the game to be released in Summer 2016?