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If you are active in the tech world, you probably know that virtual reality (VR) is the next big thing now. Google is definitely one of the pioneers pushing the VR scene forward. According to the annual Google I/O developer conference this year, this has been proven – and VR was one of the biggest things we saw within the announcements.

In fact, the entire I/O developer conference was streamed in 360 degree video so that anyone with a special VR headset located anywhere in the world can engage in the experience and follow along the latest news from Google.

Google is pretty much dominant when it comes to virtual reality, and it is no secret that the company is planning to be the major VR supplier and leader when it comes to trends. Android is on the other hand the right platform for the job. However, YouTube is the platform that holds all the strings and lets us enjoy in the virtual reality experience with the right headset.

YouTube’s New VR App Is Even Better Than Expected

In case you didn’t know, YouTube has a brand new Virtual Reality VR app. As the company announced in their official blog, this app was developed for over a year and tailored to suit each device in the best way possible.

So, what does the YouTube VR app look like?

Here are some great pics that illustrate the user experience shot in the first-person perspective. The official YouTube VR app is here, and it looks like this:

Youtube VR app

AS you can see, the YouTube app is well designed to fit anyone’s search needs. In fact, it is so entertaining that it won’t let you take your VR unit off. And although the user interface is not yet finalized, it will definitely provide a quick and easy access to every single one of YouTube’s main features.

YouTube’s VR project manager, Kurt Wilms, has announced the following:

“For more than a year, we’ve been adding support for new video and audio formats on YouTube like 360-degree video, VR video and Spatial Audio. These were the first steps on our way toward a truly immersive video experience, and now we’re taking another one with the YouTube VR app for Daydream, Google’s platform for high-quality mobile virtual reality, announced today at Google I/O.

When it comes to the user interface and the overall design of the app, Willis wrote:

We’re creating the YouTube VR app to provide an easier, more immersive way to find and experience virtual reality content on YouTube. It also comes with all the YouTube features you already love, like voice search, discovery, and playlists, all personalized for you, so you can experience the world’s largest collection of VR videos in a whole new way.

If you are wondering how to watch virtual reality videos on your Android phone, this PC Mag’s guide pretty much sums it up.

youtube-360-google-cardboard (1)

So, make sure to buy your VR headset in case you are still missing one – and start revolutionizing the way you watch videos on YouTube – through the brand-new YouTube VR app!