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There have been no official announcements yet about the inclusion of the rumored consoles at E3 in June however this hasn’t stopped the speculation as hopeful fans look towards the future of gaming. If a new console was ready for release then E3 is the place to announce it and being so close to E3, this is the time for rumors to start flying.

However, what we know so far about each potential console is not very promising news for hopeful gamers. In fact, there may be no new consoles being announced but instead the focus will most likely be on virtual and augmented reality. In the past, new versions of consoles have always been released so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that there could be a new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One being developed.

The PlayStation Neo or the PlayStation 4.5 is rumored to be an upgraded version of the PS4, this console would have better hardware and reports say it can support 4K. This console is currently the biggest news out of the three especially as the rumors are pointing towards an October release date; even if the console is due for release in several months time, E3 is still the perfect place to reveal it to the world. Some are sceptical about the existence of this console however, with the upcoming release of the PlayStation VR device, Morpheus, this would be a great time for Sony to release a stronger console to pair the device with.

It has already been confirmed by Nintendo that the Nintendo NX will not be at E3 this year and that no games will be announced for the console either. The console will not be revealed next month however it has already been announced that the Nintendo NX will be released March 2017 and that the console is a new concept to them; there have been hints that this will be more than a typical console which could mean Nintendo is looking to compete with Microsoft and Sony by creating a ‘household media hub’.

A new Xbox One right now is very uncertain, there are only a few rumors that suggest there is a new console in production however in the past, Xbox has seen several version of their consoles being released. If a new console was in development it would most likely be a slim version of the current design as that follows the Xbox console design standards seen in the past.

Hopefully some of these consoles will be revealed at E3 next month, if not then gamers have the Nintendo NX to be excited for with it’s release date set for 2017.