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Rockstar have announced that two new updates will be coming to Grand Theft Auto 5 soon to improve the multiplayer mode and there are hopes that the single player mode will also receive some new content. These two new updates have both been confirmed and some of their details have been spoken about publicly by Rockstar.

The first update is “Cunning Stunts” which works to expand the racing and stunt mechanics already in the game; not much more information about the update has been revealed however, fans can expect to see new stunt orientated vehicles and gear being added to the game. It would also seem that the Creator Tool function is going to be improved in this update which would allow map creators to design even greater maps and include new props in their designs. This update is also said to include “other gameplay possibilities” however Rockstar is not giving fans any more hints just yet.

The second update is “Further adventures in finance and felony” which adds something players have been asking for since the release of GTA V in 2013; players will now be able to expand their organizations into contraband tracking which includes a range of new features. This expansion will include new properties and players will be able to mange their stock from their HQ and also be able to buy or sell produce. The best additions will be the ability to make pickups and deal with police raids that try to stop the illegal activity.

So far, this is the only new content to have been announced by Rockstar however the developer has confirmed that there will be more news about updates coming very soon. They plan to have regular DLC releases during the summer months which will give players many more hours of additional play time.