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Officially, GTA6 doesn’t exist however fans of the series know the game will be released at some point in the future. According to earlier statements from Rockstar, their team has more than 45 years worth of ideas for the series so it would be ridiculous to think that there won’t be another game. Current release estimates suggest the game will be released in 2020 however, considering the fact that GTA5 is still selling millions of copies it’s not that surprising.

The biggest rumor surrounding Grand Theft Auto 6 is the one that says the game will be released alongside the next console generation; it would also fit the timeline and current release estimates. It’s expected that PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox could be released from 2020 so it would make sense to bundle the consoles with one of the most popular game series to ever exist.

If the game was released in 2020, that would give Rockstar plenty of time to make use of the new technology that is constantly being developed for gaming; Rockstar hoped to have a game where all of their cities could be connected and GTA6 could be the perfect game for this as the next generation of consoles would be able to handle it with ease.

One of the biggest questions is if the game will feature VR support. By the time the game is released, VR technology would have had the time to advance and become more publicly available; this would be a sharp change of direction for the series and the idea of it is rejected by most fans.

While Grand Theft Auto 6 is practically a certainty, there are some concerns about the current issues Rockstar is dealing with. Around the release of GTAV, Rockstar lost one of their most important developers for the Grand Theft Auto series; after nearly 20 years at the company, Leslie Benzies left the company. Losing Benzies is a big loss to the company but now it’s known that he filed a lawsuit against Rockstar North for $150 million. He accused the company of withholding his share of the company profits which are legally is. Due to the issues with Benzies, it’s believed that Rockstar will need to re-evaluate how they develop their games. It’s clear that he does not want the company to benefit from his work for free.

We won’t be receiving any official news from Rockstar about the next GTA for some time now and no one should expect to see the game at E3 2016.