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One of the most popular mobile games is receiving it’s next update in a few days time; Supercell has revealed some of the features that will be included in their next update for Clash of Clans and are continuing to reveal features as the days count down to the release.

The biggest announcement and reveal so far has been the “Friendly Challenges” which allow players to train against their clanmates. Clanmates will be able to compete against each other as a form of practice, for competition and just for fun; these challenges have been confirmed to be ‘free’ as they will not cost gold or consume units and items, they will not provide any rewards however. These challenges are limited to clans and could allow clans to host their own tournaments or competitions or be used to strengthen each city in the clan.

There will also be changes to the Preparation Day; clans will no longer be able to see the opponents layout but scouting will display the active Village layout. This was done to prevent clans from copying an opponents layout in a Friendly Challenge as a way to practice fighting that particular person.

Various units will see balance modifications, these changes are mostly based around Town Hall 11 units and defenses; these are not the only modifications however. New layout edit tools are coming and a Builder Suggestion feature is being added which will suggest which upgrades to do for each building.

There are also hints that there will be a new troop added to the game however a new spell has been confirmed already; the Skeleton Spell will allow the player to summon skeletons anywhere in the base and it’s been confirmed by Supercell that they will not trigger any traps.

This next big update has been confirmed for a release this month; it’s expected that the update will be released on May 26th or close to that date. There has been no official release date from Supercell just yet.

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