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Many people have been questioning the performances the new Android version will reach. At the same time, many are not convinced that it will be such a hit, and they keep comparing it with the previous version, the Marshmallow one. Let’s see what’s in store for each of them!

Regarding the availability of each one of the OS, for now the new Android N can only be tested as a Developer Preview, and can be installed only on Nexus 6P, 5X, 6, Pixel C, 9 or Player. However, Google announced that it will send the final version to developers this summer.

With Marshmallow, we got an excellent battery optimization and some improved security features, along with an increased performance. Together with that, the UI part changed too, offering a Dark Mode and a new icon in Settings, along with a Multi-Window Mode. Rumor has it that Google will copy the 3D Touch pressure feature Apple has for the new Android N, but according to their reports, it seems that they will only include the hard-press feature using specific software and hardware. It also comes with a new update for Doze, it will start whenever the screen gets turned off, more maximization on the battery life and a great optimization for older smartphones.

Lastly, one thing that makes people curious about the new version of Android is the name. As usual, we won’t know what N means until the official release, but some are speculating that it comes from Nougat. However, most believe that it will come from Nutella, since we already have another example of real product names, like the previous KitKat. Regardless, so far it seems to be the best Android it has ever existed, and fans are more anxious than ever to get their hands on it.