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Looking for free iPhone and iPad apps for a limited time?

Our brand new section will get you the free iOS apps you are craving for. The only thing to do is download them – but be quick, because the promotion may be over in a bit!

So, what’s on the plate for today, May 22nd?

We are listing the best 5 free iPhone and iPad apps for a limited period below.

DR. Memory

dr-memory (1)

Want to see how your iPhone or iPad scores when it comes to memory? In other words, if there is any free, wired, active or inactive memory? Also, how much your system may be using?

Dr. Memory is your personal doctor for that – and an app that normally costs $0,99 to get. Download Dr. Memory for FREE only during this limited time!

Secret Files +

secret-photos (1)

Secret Files + costs $0,99 normally, but is can now be downloaded for free. Basically, this app lets you protect every bit of information – and access it only with your unique fingerprint. Working through the fingerprint scanner, it can ‘show up’ with your secret photos, contacts, browser or voice recorder whenever you want to access them.


Want some more free iPhone and iPad apps for a limited time?

air-read (1)

AirRead can be your best audio destination – for reading any books and newspapers you prefer. The app’s main slogan is to ‘free your eyes’ and start digesting content in a better way. It can also read aloud news from web pages and it’s pretty handy. Oh, and it’s FREE!

Remote Mouse

remote (1)

Your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch can now become your wireless mouse as well – with Remote Mouse. This amazing app lets you enjoy the elegant and user friendly design and simulates a real touchpad experience – but also a keyboard and remote panels in case you need them.

SpeakText 2

speaktext (1)

Today’s section of free iPhone and iPad apps give you another personal assistant – in fact, translator. SpeakText 2 is the name of the app which can speak and translate entire web pages and documents. Using the text-to-speech engine, it can even translate offline without any Internet connection. How cool is that?

Hurry up and download these free iPhone and iPad apps now! Remember – it is for a limited time only. Just click the link in the name of each and you will be instantly redirected to the App Store!

Thank us later!

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