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Friendly Challenges are still a fairly new feature of Clash of Clans, introduced to the game on May 16. These challenges have no cost and no reward. In other words, they let you battle it out with one another for practice or fun, rather than the more serious competitions.

The feature was well-received, but it wasn’t perfect. As a result, the developers made a few changes to Clash of Clans Friendly Challenges based on fan feedback, which they announced today.


Modified Layouts and Friendly Challenges

The first tweak to Friendly Challenges involves what happens when you modify your layout. If you’re at Town Hall 8 or lower, you have nothing to worry about. Everything has stayed the same.

If you’re at least at Town Hall 9, though, this change affects you. A layout you have modified will not be available for Friendly Challenges until 24 hours have passed from when you modified it.

This change was implemented to avoid the “endless, grindy repetition” that might occur if players could make slight adjustments to their layouts and then continually practice with them.

Scouting on War Preparation Day

The second tweak concerns the way Scouting works. Previously, you could view the layout of your opponent’s base even on Preparation Day. With this change, you won’t be able to see the layout, but you’ll see the Village layout instead.

This change was made based on the reasoning that if you could see the exact layout on Preparation Day, you could copy your opponent’s layout and then use Friendly Challenges to practice with it. With this new tweak, the Village will give you an idea of how strong your opponent is, but you can’t copy the exact layout.

Battle Day Scouting, however, has not been changed.

These changes to Clash of Clans were announced today, and so far the majority of players seem pleased with the decision. A few have concerns, but future feedback should once again help the developers determine if any additional tweaks need to be made.

Have you been playing Friendly Challenges? What do you think of these new changes? Let us know in the comments.