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Tom Clancy’s The Division is soon to receive a free update. Update 1.2, also known as “Conflict,” will add a new incursion, new missions, new gear and loot, and new features. If you haven’t already seen the trailer for Conflict, take a look now to see what’s in store.

One goal of the 1.2 update is to draw back fans who finished the main campaign of The Division and then grew tired of the game and quit playing. As Ubisoft’s Quentin Correggi said in a Special Report live stream, The Division’s end-game content isn’t very exciting:

“We created that beautiful world that players really enjoyed exploring during the levelling experience, but it’s true that when you reach the end of the game, there is not much to do in the open world.”

Many new activities are coming in Update 1.2, but one of the most notable parts of Conflict is the change made to the Dark Zone. The Dark Zone is the PvP area in The Division, and extractions will no longer be as easy as they once were. Currently, once you attach your Dark Zone loot to the rope for extraction, you’re in the clear.

As of Update 1.2, a new “hijack” feature will allow a player to cut the rope. This means you’ll need to stay and defend your loot.

You’ll also be able to get Sealed Caches in the Dark Zone now. The contents of each Sealed Cache remains a mystery until you extract it.

Ubisoft wants the new content and features added in Tom Clancy’s The Division Update 1.2 Conflict to improve the end-game and give players a reason to keep playing even after they’ve finished the main game. New missions, special activities, and the changes to the Dark Zone are all meant to do that.

However, not everyone has responded favorably to the Dark Zone changes. In particular, some people feel the change made to extractions will make the Dark Zone more frustrating, rather than more enjoyable.

What do you think? Are you happy with the changes and content coming to The Division in the 1.2 update, or do you have concerns?