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Pokémon GO has completed several beta field tests in Japan, Austratlia and New Zealand and it would seem that the tests have gone well; Niantic announced on May 19th that they are now accepting applications for a new beta field test, this time it will take place in the United States.

Anyone in the US can sign up to the beta test, hopeful participants only need to visit the official Niantic website. Visitors in that region will be able to see the page and provide their email address along with what device they own. There is also an option for the visitor to include any previous experience with augmented reality mobile games with focus on ‘Ingress’ which was also developed by Niantic.


There’s no comments yet about just how many tests there will be in the US and how many testers will be asked to participate in this first test. What is known however is that not all applicants will make it into the test and Niantic will be expecting their testers to provide feedback on the current state of the game and how it could be improved.

All beta field testers are expected to keep everything they see confidential and not reveal any information about the gameplay. According to a post on Reddit however, a participant from earlier tests may have already leaked some gameplay information.


The poster claimed to be a Pokémon GO tester and revealed that the battle mechanics in the game are different to battles in the other Pokemon games; Pokemon will deal more damage with one charged attack which would be a new mechanic if this is true.

The beta testing has so far gone smoothly and current release date estimates suggest that the game will be released in the Summer. There is no news about a beta field test in Europe before the official release of the game and fans are hopeful that Nintendo will dedicate a segment at E3 to Pokémon GO.