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Last week, three new characters were announced for Persona 5. Now, the official website has been updated to include art of these characters and details about them. Their character pages have been translated by Gematsu, so let’s take a look at Makoto, Futaba, and Haru.


In the key art pictured above, Makoto Niijima is the short-haired girl on the right side of the image, just behind the main protagonist. She is the president of the student council. She’s a level-headed, serious student, but her description says she has troubles that will awaken her Persona.

Makoto’s Persona is called Joanna, and it takes the form of a motorcycle with a woman’s head. It is based on Pope Joan, a (now widely accepted to be fictional) female Pope from the Middle Ages.


Futaba Sakura is the red-haired girl in the upper left corner of the art. She is excellent with computers and programming, but struggles with communication. An incident (which has not yet been revealed) turned her into a shut-in.

Futaba’s Persona has a form similar to a classic UFO. It is called Necronomicon, after the legendary book from the works of H.P. Lovecraft.


Haru Okumura is the girl in the pink sweater, just to the right of Makoto in the art. She grew up in a wealthy family and has excellent communication skills. However, she doesn’t see the value of relationships with other people, and forming any as a result.

Haru’s Persona is Milady, a human-like figure dressed in a fancy, elaborate gown. Her name comes from Milady de Winter from The Three Musketeers.

With the introduction of these three characters, there is still one party member for Persona 5 who has yet to be announced. It seems as though his callsign is “Crow,” but nothing else is known outside of speculation. More details might be revealed about him soon, as we approach the Japanese release date, unless they plan to keep the final party member a secret.

Persona 5 is due out in Japan on September 15, with its localized release date not yet announced. Which of these new characters are you most excited about meeting?