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With E3 less than a month away, there are more rumors, theories, and predictions than ever. We’ve also got one confirmed new console in the near future, as well as the potential for two upgrades. Will we learn anything about the Nintendo NX, PlayStation 4 NEO, or a new Xbox One at E3 2016?

Here are our predictions.

Nintendo NX

Nintendo has already confirmed that the Nintendo NX will not be revealed at E3. Additionally, while The Legend of Zelda will be playable at E3, it is the Wii U version.

However, they have not explicitly said they won’t announce any NX games. While it seems like the announced Legend of Zelda live stream has replaced any E3 show they would have normally done, that doesn’t entirely eliminate the potential for announcements. Last E3, they announced EarthBound Beginnings during a tournament.

It is also possible that third-party games could be announced for the NX.

The Nintendo NX itself won’t be at E3, but we wouldn’t rule out the possibility of NX game announcements just yet.

PlayStation 4 NEO

The PlayStation 4 NEO, PS4.5, PS4K, or whatever else you want to call it, is one of the biggest rumors in gaming right now. Among all of the credible details about the NEO, one report from a source with a decent track record claims the NEO will not be revealed at E3.

Even if it’s months in advance of the console’s launch, it seems a waste not to announce it at E3, especially when so many people already believe it’s coming later this year.

So much about the NEO is unknown (technically, that includes whether it exists or not), it’s hard to reach a conclusion. E3 feels like the right time for the PlayStation NEO to be announced, but they might really wait until October. Maybe Sony will at least confirm or deny the rumors.

New Xbox One

The new Xbox One is even more nebulous, because all we have are a handful of rumors that something is in production, even though Phil Spencer doesn’t want to make an “Xbox One and a Half.”

Therefore, we predict that Microsoft will quell the rumors at E3 by revealing it: an Xbox One Slim, an Xbox One without a disk drive, or some other small modification to the current design.

What do you think? Nintendo NX? PlayStation 4 NEO? A new Xbox One? Which will be revealed at E3, and what will it be like?