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In a leaked set of screenshots posted by Windows Central it was revealed that Microsoft will bring a new application for Windows 10 Mobile, which is a version of the Block and Filter app. Its name will be ID & Filter, it will be available in the apps list and it will allow users to block messages in Messaging app and spam calls.

It isn’t sure when Microsoft will release ID & Filter app, because it’s very busing working on many other features that will be added to Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and the company didn’t even mention anything about this application that will be available in Windows 10 Mobile. However, it appeared in some screenshots and it seems that users will be able to pin ID & Filter app to their start screens.

The application will be capable of providing “info about numbers known to send spam, and show caller ID info about business who contact you”, and it will offer other functionalities, as follows:

– the application will be connected with users’ Microsoft account to sync blocked numbers across different devices running on Windows 10 Mobile;
– there will be multiple categories where users will add blocked numbers, so they will know who bothers them to sell them different products or homes;
– users will set quiet hours for blocked numbers,

ID & Filter app could be released for Windows Insiders and this means that it would make its appearance in the upcoming Windows 10 Mobile Insider builds. Currently, be build version number of the application is 10.1505 and if it be launched soon, it will be very useful, for sure, as it will help users keep stalkers and spammers at a distance.

Are you happy about the introducing of this application? Will you use it to block calls and messages from people you don’t know or who harass you?

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